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Development of the production process
Development of the production process

“MATEV Water Heaters” LTD offers a great variety of household electric water heaters having a volume from 30 to 200 Litres with: Chrome-nickel, enameled and zinc-coated water tanks which can be, according to the client’s preference, for a horizontal or vertical installation and with one or two heat exchangers. As a complement to the products of “MATEV Water Heaters” LTD are the buffer vessels, made of chrome-nickel or construction steel, having a volume of up to 2 000 L The production output of the company is 50 000 appliances per year. The products combine the most up-to-date technical solutions and all European quality standards. In order to ensure the perfect quality, resistance and safety in using their products, the company “MATEV Water Heaters” LTD follows strictly definite technological processes in the water heater production. The sheet steel material is processed with exceptional precision by means of modern machines and control and measuring devices. The finished products go through mandatory tests by means of special final control equipment. The production process consists of: - processing and cutting out of sheet steel material - bending of the sheet steel material by means of precise four-roller sheet-bending CNC machines - deep drawing of the sheet material by means of hydraulic presses - punch operations with an eccentric press - automatic welding using the methods: MIG- MAG and VOG welding with the up-to-date welding machines that guarantee the achievement of a flawless final result - electro-contact welding of sheet steels - chemical processing prior to enameling of the water tanks - fluid enameling of water heaters, buffer vessels having a volume up to 500 L and height up to 1 400 mm. - application of a decorative powder coating in the colours: white, INOX and some other colours - injection moulding of CFC-free penopolyurethane along with an option for applying insulation coatings - appliance assembly Due to the company’s pursuit of continual modernization and broadening of the range of services for its customers, they have started the production of heating wood stoves which will make your home warm and cosy during the cold days.  

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